Johnson Construction Company

Serving Oklahoma’s Septic System and Storm Shelter Needs Since 1977

Johnson Construction is dedicated to selling and installing quality storm shelters. All of our Oklahoma storm shelters come with a written, 10-year warranty from the manufacturer and are installed by our trained, professional and experienced staff. Also, all of our storm shelters meet or exceed FEMA standards.

Johnson Construction offers storm shelters in many styles- plain gray concrete or a variety of decorative, stamped or stained concrete. Once installed, you may choose to plant flowers or add landscaping to your shelter. The most important thing to remember is to keep dirt packed around the sides of your shelter.

Take care of your shelter and it will give you years of trusted service!

Scroll down to see our process; further down, we also show our new Easy Access Storm Shelter, with special handrail and concrete stairs to make entry easier!

Here are some samples of our storm shelters and the process:



This is our backhoe. As you can see, it is a large piece of equipment. Be sure you have room for this to fit where you would like your storm shelter placed.



This is the size of the hole we dig for the shelter.


Storm shelter instal

Johnson Construction’s Crew installing storm shelter.


storm shelter installed

In this picture, the bottom half of the shelter has been installed.

shelter install with truck image

This image shows the size of the truck as the crew prepares to install the top half of the shelter.


Top half of shelter being placed.

Our detail-oriented crew installing the top half of the shelter.

Completed above ground slope front shelter

Completed above ground slope front shelter


Here, we show the installation of our new Easy Access Storm Shelter.

Easy Access Storm Shelter

This is our new Easy Access Storm Shelter, on the truck, ready to be installed.


Easy Access Stairs and handrail

Note the concrete stairs and handrail, making entry and exit easier!


Easy Access installed

Here is the Easy Access Storm Shelter once it’s installed in the ground! The slope front style makes it easy for first responders to see.


Storm shelters provide critical protection during severe weather events, offering a safe haven when nature’s fury strikes. These specially designed structures are essential in tornado-prone areas and regions prone to extreme weather conditions. Storm shelters are constructed with sturdy materials and engineered to withstand the destructive forces of storms, safeguarding lives and property.

Storm shelters come in various forms, from underground shelters to above-ground safe rooms, ensuring options to suit different needs and preferences. Underground storm shelters offer subterranean security, shielding occupants from flying debris and high winds. Safe rooms, on the other hand, are convenient and can be integrated into existing homes, providing quick access during emergencies.

These shelters are not merely protective structures; they are peace of mind for families living in areas prone to natural disasters. They can mean the difference between life and death, offering a sense of security that cannot be overstated. Storm shelters are invaluable assets for communities at risk of severe weather events. They embody preparedness, providing a haven where families can find refuge, and serve as a testament to the importance of safeguarding lives when Mother Nature unleashes her wrath.

If you have any questions at all about our shelters, our installation process or the best spot to place a shelter on your property, call us at 405-769-6071 and we’ll be glad to visit with you and provide a free, written estimate.