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Septic Systems

Johnson Construction offers two types of septic systems, aerobic and lateral line septic systems.

Lateral Line Septic Systems:

A lateral line septic system works by using pipe and gravel in a sandy, sunny terrain. We install ETA Septic Systems. We can also replace your old lateral lines, which can make your septic system work like new again!

Here is a picture that helps illustrate how a lateral line septic system works:

Lateral line septic system

This shows how a lateral line system is installed in a typical scenario.

Concrete Septic Tank

This is a lateral line concrete tank.

This shows how a lateral line system is installed in a typical scenario.


Using a backhoe to dig the trenches for the lateral line.

Pouring gravel

Pouring gravel into the trench.


lateral line septic system

This photo shows where the septic system is placed in relation to the lateral line.

lateral line end in gravel

This image shows the end of the lateral line coming out of the septic system into the gravel area.


Clearstream Aerobic Wastewater system:

Johnson Construction is proud to offer Clearstream Aerobic Wastewater Systems. Johnson uses Clearstream products because they are certified by the NSF and have been a trusted industry standard for thousands of homes. With proper care and maintenance, your Clearstream Aerobic system will give you years of worry-free service.

The Clearstream guarantee is one of the best in the business. The manufacturer offers a two-year limited warranty for material and workmanship from the date of purchase.

All of our aerobic systems are wired by a licensed electrician for your safety.

Below is a picture of the Clearstream Aerobic System tank:

This is a Clearstream aerobic septic system tank.

This is a Clearstream aerobic wastewater system tank.

grass after aerobic

This is a picture of a Clearstream Aerobic system shortly after installation.


If you are unsure what system is best for your needs and soil, contact John at Johnson Construction. He can help you decide which system will work best- 405-769-6071.