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OkJohnCo is your go-to expert in OKC for two critical services: Septic System Installation and Storm Shelter Construction. Septic systems manage waste efficiently, and OkJohnCo ensures top-notch installation for clean and safe waste management. When storms strike, OkJohnCo’s storm shelters provide sturdy protection from severe weather, keeping you and your loved ones safe. With OkJohnCo’s dedication to quality and safety, you can trust their expert team to deliver reliable solutions tailored to your needs in OKC, Oklahoma. Stay secure with OkJohnCo.

Aerobic Septic Systems in Oklahoma City

Upgrade your waste management with Aerobic Septic Systems in Oklahoma City. These systems use natural processes to break down waste, ensuring cleaner and safer disposal. In Oklahoma City, where environmental responsibility matters, Aerobic Septic Systems offer an eco-friendly solution. Trust the experts to install and maintain these systems, ensuring they work efficiently for your home or property. With Aerobic Septic Systems, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your waste is managed effectively, contributing to a healthier environment in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma city homeowners often choose aerobic septic tanks for several reasons

Effective Waste Breakdown:

Aerobic septic tanks in Oklahoma City excel at breaking down waste efficiently, ensuring that water discharged is cleaner and safer for the environment.

Space Efficiency:

These systems require smaller drain fields, making them ideal for properties in Oklahoma City with limited space. This compact design allows for installation in areas where traditional systems may not fit.

Reduced Odors:

Compared to traditional systems, aerobic septic tanks emit fewer odors, creating a more pleasant environment for homeowners and their neighbors in Oklahoma City. This feature contributes to a better quality of life and enhances the overall experience of living in the community.


    This is a Clearstream aerobic septic system tank.
    grass after aerobic

    Lateral Line Septic Tanks in Oklahoma city

    Lateral line septic tanks serve as vital wastewater management systems in places like Oklahoma City, providing a decentralized solution where centralized sewage systems are absent. These underground tanks collect wastewater from residential and commercial properties through a network of pipes. Within the tank, natural processes occur: solid waste settles at the bottom, while bacteria break down organic matter, purifying the water to some extent. The treated water then flows out of the tank into the surrounding soil through perforated pipes or leach fields. Here, the soil acts as a natural filter, further cleansing the water before it reenters the groundwater system. Regular maintenance, including periodic pumping to remove accumulated solids, is necessary to ensure the system’s efficiency and prevent environmental harm. By effectively managing wastewater, lateral line septic tanks contribute to public health protection and environmental preservation in urban areas like Oklahoma City.

    Key characteristics of lateral line septic tanks in Oklahoma City

    Underground Containers: These tanks are buried underground and collect wastewater from homes and buildings.

    Natural Treatment: Inside the tank, bacteria naturally break down the waste, making the water cleaner.

    Soil Filtration: Treated water flows into the soil, which acts like a filter, cleaning it even more before it joins the groundwater.

    Regular Maintenance: They need routine checks and cleaning to keep them working well and prevent harm to the environment.

    Local Solution: They’re used in places like Oklahoma City where there’s no centralized sewage system, offering a local solution to managing wastewater.


    lateral line septic system

    Storm Shelters in Oklahoma City

    In Oklahoma City, storm shelters are like lifesavers during rough weather. They’re sturdy, safe places where people can seek refuge when dangerous storms hit, like tornadoes or severe thunderstorms. These shelters are built strong, often underground or reinforced within buildings, to withstand powerful winds and flying debris.

    They’re not just ordinary rooms; they’re designed and constructed with special materials and features to keep people protected. Families and communities rely on them to stay safe during emergencies, giving peace of mind in the face of unpredictable weather.

    In Oklahoma City, where storms can be frequent and fierce, having access to these shelters is crucial. They’re like a beacon of safety in the midst of chaos, providing a sense of security for residents. Whether it’s in schools, neighborhoods, or public spaces, storm shelters are an essential part of preparedness, ensuring that people have a place to go when the skies turn dark and threatening.


    Completed above ground slope front shelter
    Easy Access installed