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Oklahoma City Septic System Installation & Storm Shelters

In Oklahoma City, we take pride in providing a variety of crucial services aimed at improving the safety and usability of your property. Our range of offerings includes storm shelters, offering a secure refuge for you and your family during harsh weather conditions, giving you confidence and peace of mind during storms. Furthermore, we specialize in aerobic and lateral line septic tanks, guaranteeing effective waste management solutions for both residential and commercial purposes. Committed to safety, environmental sustainability, and excellence, we are dedicated to serving the Oklahoma City community with these essential services.

Aerobic Septic Systems in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, aerobic septic systems stand as a cutting-edge and eco-conscious approach to wastewater treatment. These systems are engineered to effectively break down and process sewage, guaranteeing its safe return to the environment. Unlike conventional anaerobic septic tanks, aerobic systems leverage oxygen to foster the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms, expediting the breakdown of organic materials.

Oklahoma City homeowners frequently opt for aerobic septic tanks for a variety of reasons.

  • Advanced Treatment: Aerobic septic systems offer superior treatment of wastewater, mitigating the potential for groundwater pollution and ecological damage.
  • Scent Management: Through the aerobic process, these systems significantly diminish unpleasant odors, presenting a more community-friendly choice.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Numerous regions, such as Oklahoma City, enforce strict guidelines for wastewater management. Aerobic septic tanks aid homeowners in adhering to these standards.

Routine upkeep, which involves periodic incorporation of microbial supplements, is essential for maximizing the efficiency of aerobic septic tanks in Oklahoma City.

This is a Clearstream aerobic septic system tank.
grass after aerobic

Lateral Line Septic Tanks in Oklahoma City

Lateral line septic systems are a prevalent choice for wastewater management in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These systems, also referred to as drainfields or leach fields, play a vital role in the final phase of the septic system process, where treated wastewater is discharged into the soil for further purification.

In Oklahoma City, lateral line septic tanks typically consist of a network of perforated pipes or trenches buried underground. These pipes distribute the effluent from the septic tank, allowing it to percolate through the soil, where natural processes aid in the breakdown of harmful pathogens and contaminants.


Key characteristics of lateral line septic tanks in Oklahoma City include:

  • Efficient Wastewater Distribution: Lateral lines evenly distribute treated wastewater into the soil, facilitating efficient filtration and purification.
  • Tailored Design: The size and configuration of lateral lines may vary depending on factors such as property size, soil composition, and local regulations.
  • Maintenance Significance: Regular inspections and upkeep are vital to prevent blockages and ensure proper operation, as a malfunctioning drainfield can lead to septic system issues.

Lateral line septic tanks are an indispensable component of septic systems in Oklahoma City, ensuring the safe disposal of wastewater without causing pollution or posing health risks.

lateral line septic system

Storm Shelters in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, storm shelters are a crucial aspect of readiness given the area’s vulnerability to severe weather, such as tornadoes and intense storms. These shelters, also referred to as tornado shelters or safe rooms, offer a secure haven for residents during extreme weather occurrences.

Storm shelters in Oklahoma City are typically engineered to meet rigorous safety standards and regulations established by local and national authorities. These shelters are crafted to withstand the impact of strong winds and airborne debris, providing inhabitants with protection even amidst the most perilous storms. They are available in various configurations, including in-ground, above-ground, and safe room options, each offering distinct benefits.

In-ground storm shelters are installed beneath the ground’s surface, ensuring discreetness and preserving the aesthetic appeal of your property. Above-ground shelters are often erected as independent structures within or adjacent to your residence. Safe rooms, conversely, are fortified spaces within a household that can serve a dual purpose as functional areas during regular times.

Residents of Oklahoma City prioritize storm shelters to safeguard their families, underscoring their significance as a crucial investment in the region’s disaster preparedness.


Completed above ground slope front shelter
Easy Access installed